Standard 9: Operations and Management

As defined by the National Policy Board for Educational Administration, Standard 9 is defined as the following:

Effective educational leaders manage school operations and resources to promote each student’s academic success and well-being.
Effective leaders:
a) Institute, manage, and monitor operations and administrative systems that promote the mission and vision of the school.
b) Strategically manage staff resources, assigning and scheduling teachers and staff to roles and responsibilities that optimize their professional capacity to address each student’s
learning needs.
c) Seek, acquire, and manage fiscal, physical, and other resources to support curriculum, instruction, and assessment; student learning community; professional capacity and community; and family and community engagement.
d) Are responsible, ethical, and accountable stewards of the school’s monetary and nonmonetary resources, engaging in effective budgeting and accounting practices.
e) Protect teachers’ and other staff members’ work and learning from disruption.
f) Employ technology to improve the quality and efficiency of operations and management.
g) Develop and maintain data and communication systems to deliver actionable information for classroom and school improvement.
h) Know, comply with, and help the school community understand local, state, and federal laws, rights, policies, and regulations so as to promote student success.
i) Develop and manage relationships with feeder and connecting schools for enrollment management and curricular and instructional articulation.
j) Develop and manage productive relationships with the central office and school board.
k) Develop and administer systems for fair and equitable management of conflict among students, faculty and staff, leaders, families, and community.
l) Manage governance processes and internal and external politics toward achieving the school’s mission and vision.