Standard 7: Professional Community for Teachers and Staff

As defined by the National Policy Board for Educational Administration, Standard 7 is defined as the following:

Effective educational leaders foster a professional community of
teachers and other professional staff to promote each student’s
academic success and well-being.

Effective leaders:
a) Develop workplace conditions for teachers and other professional staff that promote effective professional development, practice, and student learning.
b) Empower and entrust teachers and staff with collective responsibility for meeting the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of each student, pursuant to the
mission, vision, and core values of the school.
c) Establish and sustain a professional culture of engagement and commitment to shared vision, goals, and objectives pertaining to the education of the whole child; high expectations for professional work; ethical and equitable practice; trust and open communication; collaboration, collective efficacy, and continuous individual and
organizational learning and improvement.
d) Promote mutual accountability among teachers and other professional staff for each student’s success and the effectiveness of the school as a whole.
e) Develop and support open, productive, caring, and trusting working relationships among leaders, faculty, and staff to promote professional capacity and the improvement of practice.
f) Design and implement job-embedded and other opportunities for professional learning collaboratively with faculty and staff.
g) Provide opportunities for collaborative examination of practice, collegial feedback, and collective learning.
h) Encourage faculty-initiated improvement of programs and practices.

I have met this criteria evidenced by the following:

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