Standard 6: Professional Capacity of School Personnel

As defined by the National Policy Board for Educational Administration, Standard 6 is defined as the following:

Effective educational leaders develop the professional capacity and
practice of school personnel to promote each student’s academic success and well-being.
Effective leaders:
a) Recruit, hire, support, develop, and retain effective and caring teachers and other professional staff and form them into an educationally effective faculty.
b) Plan for and manage staff turnover and succession, providing opportunities for effective induction and mentoring of new personnel.
c) Develop teachers’ and staff members’ professional knowledge, skills, and practice through differentiated opportunities for learning and growth, guided by understanding of professional and adult learning and development.
d) Foster continuous improvement of individual and collective instructional capacity to achieve outcomes envisioned for each student.
e) Deliver actionable feedback about instruction and other professional practice through valid, research-anchored systems of supervision and evaluation to support the development of teachers’ and staff members’ knowledge, skills, and practice.
f) Empower and motivate teachers and staff to the highest levels of professional practice and to continuous learning and improvement.
g) Develop the capacity, opportunities, and support for teacher leadership and leadership from other members of the school community.
h) Promote the personal and professional health, well-being, and work-life balance of faculty and staff.
i) Tend to their own learning and effectiveness through reflection, study, and improvement, maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

I have met this criteria evidenced by the following:

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