Standard 2: Ethics and Professional Norms

As defined by the National Policy Board for Educational Administration, Standard 2 is defined as the following:

Effective educational leaders act ethically and according to professional norms to promote each student’s academic success and well-being.

Effective leaders:
a) Act ethically and professionally in personal conduct, relationships with others, decision-making, stewardship of the school’s resources, and all aspects of school leadership.
b) Act according to and promote the professional norms of integrity, fairness, transparency, trust, collaboration, perseverance, learning, and continuous improvement.
c) Place children at the center of education and accept responsibility for each student’s academic success and well-being.
d) Safeguard and promote the values of democracy, individual freedom and responsibility, equity, social justice, community, and diversity.
e) Lead with interpersonal and communication skill, social-emotional insight, and understanding of all students’ and staff members’ backgrounds and cultures.
f) Provide moral direction for the school and promote ethical and professional behavior among faculty and staff.

I have met this criteria evidenced by the following:

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